Functional Movement

Pain-free movement is an important goal

A safer way to return to normal activity.

A functional movement screen assists with functional training which helps the patient return to prior activities, pain-free and with little to no loss of motion.

Functional Movement Is the Key to Leading a Normal Life

Patients, usually take functional mobility for granted when they complete day-to-day tasks. They just trust that their body will react the way they expect it to when they need it. But what happens when functional movement is impaired by injury or age.  A practitioner is tasked with determining the next steps, that’s where a functional movement screen with Kinetisense comes in.


A Useful Tool For Any Practitioner

An essential ally that can help with diagnosing patients is the Kinetisense 3D motion capture system. The KAM’s functional movement screen is used by the NBA, MLB, the U.S. Olympic team, and a number of corporate and collegiate partners, our KAMS system is a cutting-edge tool that can quantify how your patient moves, give you a baseline for future assessments and create accurate reports that give you a real-time, objective assessment of how training and therapy are improving the patient’s condition

Functional mobility exercises concentrate on bolstering strength and enhancing endurance.

Kinetisense will show you the way to suggest the kinds of exercises that will have the highest impact on your patient.

How Kinetisense Will Help

Our technology uses data-driven analytics to objectively assess and correct ergonomic issues before they turn into potential injury. Kinetisense removes the guesswork involved in functional movement screen assessments. Clinicians, trainers, patients, and athletes can see their results in real time on our video-based screens. Education leads to injury prevention and the ability to implement modified duties and corrective strategies. This leads to healthier workplaces, healthier people, and a better quality of life.

Are You Interested In Seeing Our Kinetisense System In Action?

We would be happy to show you. Our team is confident that the Kinetisense system is the tool you need to assess a patient’s total range of motion accurately and confidently. Reach out to us today to learn more about our technology, its amazing benefits, and how it can help anyone who wants their days to go easier and simple activities to be pain-free.

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