Real-Time Biofeedback

Versatile real-time biofeedback enables objective, efficient movement analysis in seconds

Biofeedback Therapy

Fundamentally, Kinetisense is a technology that helps people learn how to move. Learning to control balance, for instance, is far easier when the therapist can use a screen to show a patient an objective representation of the way they are standing.

Being able to visually see the problem at hand in all three planes, rather than just feel it, can make all the difference for therapeutic or performance outcomes. Kinetisense screens also auto report results in the form of charts and graphs, depicting trend data in a way that allows subjects and their therapist or trainer to see progress over time and adjust accordingly.

From pain management to improved function, biofeedback plays a critical role in effective treatment and the learning of improved motor patterns

Kinetisense removes the guesswork involved in functional movement assessments. Clinicians, trainers, patients, and athletes can see their results in real time on our video-based screens.

“Wow! Kinetisense has made my job as Movement Specialist so much easier. A happy pain-free client is a great success. Kinetisense has increased my referrals by 30% in the last 2 months. I’m looking forward to a great year.”

Lorri GordonPhysiotherapist, GIFT FellowGray Institute

Other systems that provide biofeedback involve wearable sensors on the body, multiple cameras, or other complicated and expensive setups. Kinetisense is the only functional movement assessment tool in the world that uses a single sensor to gather movement data on the coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes. And, because we use markerless motion capture technology, setup and assessment take only minutes.

The simplicity of Kinetisense makes us the most portable, affordable, and versatile solution available today.

Biofeedback Equipment Like None Other

Teaching patients, athletes, and workers how to move means giving clinicians, trainers, and employers objective assessment tools that offer key insights into functional movement patterns.

Kinetisense Biofeedback Technologies

1. Video-Based Augmented Reality – One of the fundamental features of Kinetisense is that subjects and their assessors can view movements through our screen both in real time and recorded video. Kinetisense has embedded the movement data in the captured video stream, which means that data can be extracted long after the assessment has occurred. If a CrossFit athlete is attempting to learn a new movement, they can watch themselves on a screen while they lift and make adjustments accordingly. All footage is stored and can be replayed or extracted at a later date.

2. Automatic Reporting – Kinetisense is a true biofeedback machine, allowing users to dig into their movement data on a pre-assessment basis or see trends over time. Kinetisense automatically arranges data into charts and graphs for easier analysis, letting users understand when, how, and where improvements are happening and, if necessary, where to change treatment or training protocols.

3. Markerless Motion CaptureOther systems rely on sensors or markers placed on the user’s joints for the system to analyze. This method is more complicated to set up and is often more expensive. Kinetisense offers a simplified setup that doesn’t require the patient to wear any clothing specific to motion capture technology. Instead, simple, tight-fitting clothing will do. Another advantage of the Kinetisense markerless motion capture system is that it assesses movement in its natural state without the hindrance of sensors, suits or vests which can be restrictive.

Movement Acquisition 3x Faster
Tri-Planar Bio-Mechanical Feedback
Data Embedded Video Capture
HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

Biofeedback in Physical Therapy

Kinetisense technology allows trainers, practitioners, and more to use biofeedback techniques to enhance their methodology. Using biofeedback is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for anyone involved in movement science when it comes to pain treatment, enhancing performance, and assessing concussion damage or for any other movement analysis.

Kinetisense allows trainers and practitioners to become movement scientists, elevating their profession to the next level and providing clear differentiation from the competition.

Biofeedback in Sports Performance

The Kinetisense system shows movement in all three planes in real-time. The visual feedback is quintessential for assessing and training functional movement patterns in the athlete as they employ the visual cortex to enhance proper kinetic chain activation, thus increasing performance and reducing the risk of injury.

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