From range of motion to balance and functional movement, Kinetisense helps therapists achieve better outcomes

Making Therapeutic Goals More Attainable

We give clinicians and therapists the tools to better target treatment to each patient.

Therapy in Motion

Much of physical therapy is aimed at improving the daily living conditions of a given patient. Examples include an elderly patient looking to reduce their risk of fall or an office worker who needs occupational therapy to treat repetitive stress injuries.

Kinetisense is easy to use for any patient population, so clinicians and chiropractors with a wide patient base will have no problem applying the technology.

physical therapist helping patient

Assessments for any Movement Condition

Kinetisense modules for therapy include 3D balance, 3D range of motion, 3D functional movement, and 3D posture. Each of these assessment tools offers objective insight into the base condition a patient may be in and tracks progress over time.

When practitioners can show their patients the trend data in the charts and graphs that Kinetisense automatically generates, it’s easier to stay encouraged and continue a course of treatment. For therapists and chiropractors, this can also help with patient retention.

Patients are more likely to continue treatment when they can feel and see the results.

Kinetisense is used by therapists to elicit better patient outcomes in a shorter period by enabling more targeted treatment plans.

When patients are kept in motion, physical therapy is more effective. Improvements take time, but patients are more likely to continue treatment when they can see on an objective screen that their shoulder range of motion has increased or that their balance has improved.

A patient may feel better or worse from one day to the next, but seeing their progress charted objectively can make all the difference.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Gone are the days of eyeballing results using grids and archaic assessment techniques. Kinetisense uses objective, video-based, augmented reality assessments that deliver highly accurate results. Automatic reporting that includes data arranged into charts and graphs lets practitioners know which therapies are most effective for a given patient and their condition.

Each assessment takes only seconds, meaning progress can be tested more often without sacrificing valuable time for therapy. Show your patient the changes you are making and see how this enhances patient compliance and the overall clinical outcomes.


Increase in Patient Compliance

Total Motion Assessment and Therapy

The comprehensive view of a patient’s full ability to move is unmatched by any other functional movement screen, especially one as affordable, portable, and simple to use as Kinetisense. Single joint assessment or full motion physical therapy can be applied for treatments ranging from minor occupational therapy to more serious injury recovery.

Expand the Walls of Your Clinic

One of the great advantages of Kinetisense is that it is highly portable, allowing practitioners to be able to assess current and prospective patients outside of the clinic setting. Kinetisense practitioners have expanded their presence in their communities by assessing athletes for concussion baselining on the field of play or the geriatric population at an assisted living facility. Grow your practice and expand your presence in the community as an evidence-based movement scientist.

Kinetisense is the first functional movement assessment tool of its kind that allows for objective analysis of the entire body, the system is simple to use and affordable. Click below to schedule a demo! We can show you just how our system can impact your practice or training facility.

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