Workplace Wellness

Improve worker health, prevent injury, and increase productivity with an affordable and highly accurate movement screening system

Workplace Wellness Programs

Health and wellness programs substantially increase productivity in the workplace in several ways. Not only do employees feel better about coming to work and are thus likely to have better mental health, but they often feel that their employer cares about their well-being. The amount of lost productivity due to pain, injury, and compensatory movement patterns in employees can be incredibly costly for a company or corporation.

The personal health and well-being of workers are paramount to workplace performance and overall productivity. Kinetisense offers a suite of powerful tools that can help promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace while enhancing revenue generation through enhanced employee productivity.

“Of employers offering wellness programs, 67% reported increased employee satisfaction, 66% reported increased productivity, 63% reported increased financial sustainability and growth, and 50% reported decreased absenteeism.”

International Foundation Of Employee Benefit Plans

Posture has a significant impact on everyone’s long-term health. Our 3D posture module offers key insights into how workers are sitting, standing, and performing routine tasks. With guidance, employees can then make improvements and track them over time.

A healthy workplace promotes physical activity in healthy ways, and Kinetisense allows employers and employees to visualize how simple changes can make dramatic differences. For example, it’s common knowledge that sitting at a desk all day has a variety of negative health outcomes, but sometimes this is hard to visualize.

Because Kinetisense assessments are so efficient ‘typically requiring less than 30 seconds’ valuable biomechanical data allows for employees and HR to create a customized movement plan that will reduce the risk of repetitive injury, reduce pain and discomfort, and improve your organization’s overall productivity. Kinetisense allows you to engage your employees to a higher level.

The KAMS functional movement screen and FPM tool are revolutionizing pre-employment, employment, and return-to-work assessments in the corporate wellness space. The high quality of data output in conjunction with employee engagement creates a recipe for a healthy and productive workplace. Create your own workplace functional movement ecosystem between your employees, employers, HR, practitioners, and trainers.

Increase Workplace Productivity

Kinetisense encourages employees to make active changes in the way they sit, stand, and move in the workplace, leading to reduced stress and healthier living.

Health and Wellness Ideas in the Workplace Using Kinetisense

Install Kinetisense in the Break Room – In addition to being incredibly useful for learning about human movement patterns, Kinetisense can also be quite fun. Sure, you could have a temporary setup to screen all your employees and give them an assessment of their posture and functional movement, but if they can use it at their will, it’s more likely they will track progress over time, reinforcing healthy behavior.

Objective Pre-Employment Screening – Does the job require certain physical skills that aren’t negotiable? Employers can use Kinetisense as a pre-employment screening tool to make sure prospective employees are up to the task. From range of motion to functional movement, Kinetisense helps ensure you are hiring the right people for the job.

Managing Work-Related Injuries – With Kinetisense HR can track baseline functional movement with the KAMS functional movement screen. When an injury occurs the baseline data becomes invaluable in assessing when the employee has returned to a pre-accident level and provides insight to return to work protocols.

Learn Effective Movement and Posture – It can be difficult to understand the best way to move, sit, and stand without seeing how you do it in the first place. Kinetisense modules are designed to analyze the body’s position and movement objectively without complicated equipment. These modules give users key insights into potential areas for improvement. Take an employee who slouches at their desk. They know there’s a problem but might not understand the extent of it. Kinetisense changes that by providing insight into proper ergonomics and ideal movement patterns.

Data-Driven Employee Health
Customized Strength and Mobility Programs
Pre-Employment Screenings
Return-to-Work Assessments

Workplace Wellness Challenges

Employers often have workplace wellness ideas that, while well intentioned, fall flat for a variety of reasons: The program is difficult to implement, employees don’t enjoy it, or it is simply too expensive.

Kinetisense is a one-of-a-kind solution that combines cutting-edge technology with an easy, affordable setup. Our system uses a single sensor and works intuitively to provide objective data about an employee’s posture, movement, range of motion, and balance. The easy to understand the scoring system will engage your employees in a ‘functional movement’ competition, engaging your staff into better health and wellness.

Never before has there been a system this powerful and easy to use. Schedule a demonstration below to see how Kinetisense can make a difference for your workplace.


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