Clinic Increased Revenue by 15% in 12 Months Using Kinetisense

At Pinnacle Chiropractic in Kalispell, Montana, Dr. Stacy Livingston believes in taking a “whole person” approach in treating his patients. His philosophy is to determine the root cause of symptoms and to create personalized plans to suit each patient’s needs. When Dr. Livingston heard about Kinetisense, he realized that it was a good tool for his practice and he began to incorporate it into his treatment protocol.

In addition to utilizing Kinetisense within general patient care, Dr. Livingston began using it to improve his ability to assess and treat patients who had experienced a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or a high impact sports injury. Kinetisense enables him to do a short and comprehensive assessment on the patient, followed by an appropriate treatment plan. First, a 3D Posture Analysis is done which provides a musculoskeletal overview of the patient, followed by complete: cervical, lumbar and side shoulder 3D Range-of-Motion assessments. For each assessment, a report is generated and sent to the patient and the appropriate insurance company.

In just 15 minutes, Dr. Livingston is able to complete a full assessment report and provide the patient with a personalized treatment plan.

Kinetisense has given Dr. Livingston a competitive advantage by creating new revenue streams. Previously, he was unable to bill for some assessments because they required additional time to produce reports that were adequate for insurance claims. He tried other products on the market but, they lacked the ability to facilitate an objective and efficient assessment process in his fast-paced work environment. Since incorporating Kinetisense into his practice, he is able to engage and educate his patients and as a result, his patient referrals and retention have increased.

Dr. Livingston has also been able to cement his professional reputation as a Med-Legal practitioner. His attorney advised him that the assessment report created by Kinetisense increases the Med-Legal case value by 20%. As a result of this, he has put together an informational package that promotes his ability to be a primary practitioner for insurance coverage and legal cases that require objective reporting.