Improving Patient Outcomes with Kinetisense 360

Dr. Scott Hoar – Alcoa Chiropractic Center

Dr. Scott Hoar from Alcoa Chiropractic Center demonstrates how Kinetisense 360 enhances patient care and outcomes. In a recent video, Dr. Hoar shares his experience using the app to assess and improve patient movements.

Case Study
A patient’s treatment wasn’t progressing as expected. By using Kinetisense, Dr. Hoar identified and corrected movement issues, resulting in significant improvements.

Technology Highlight
Kinetisense provides precise, markerless tracking of patient movements, offering detailed insights into biomechanics. This allows for more effective treatments and better patient understanding.

Patient Testimonial
The patient found visual feedback invaluable in understanding and correcting her movements, leading to long-term improvements in hip function.

Kinetisense 360 is a powerful tool for chiropractors and physical therapists, enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction.