Functional Movement Exercises & How Kinetisense Can Help

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How an athlete trains or how an individual recovers from a loss of mobility depends heavily on the goal. Sometimes that goal is simply to improve quality of life, and Kinetisense is an important tool to reach that goal.

The Benefits of Functional Movement Exercises

Functional training is a key component of maintaining the overall health of your body. It allows you to build strength, power, flexibility, and mobility that go well beyond the gym, and it enhances daily activities in normal life. The missing element in most functional movement training regimens is a tool that quantifies how the body moves, analyzes movement patterns, and provides a baseline that measures progress over time. This is where the Kinetisense system provides tremendous value to any individual who is looking to develop how their body moves at any age and any level of ability.

Ease Everyday Movement

Functional mobility exercises concentrate on bolstering strength and enhancing endurance. Body stability is important for people that are confined to an office chair for long periods of time or are forced to stand in the same position. Completing simple tasks with ease reduces stress on the body and diminishes the impact of fatigue after a long work day. Easier everyday movement makes trips up stairs easier, allows parents to play with children longer, and makes repetitive activities like folding laundry or doing dishes an absolute breeze

Increase Flexibility, Balance, and Posture

Flexibility, how the body balances itself, and simple posture are things many people take for granted. Functional movement training is designed to promote healthy movement habits and correct movement patterns that can cause problems in the future. As range of motion is enhanced, everyday activities become easier. Small muscle groups often support larger ones. This means using multiple muscle groups that are neglected with weight or other resistance training.

Alleviate Joint Pain

We are all familiar with aches and pains commonly felt in backs, knees, hips, necks, shoulders.? Functional movement training targets the actions that use these joints thereby reducing everyday soreness from overuse or misuse. Chronic repetitive tasks, such as those found in workplaces, can hinder daily movements. The exercises used in functional training can make daily tasks that were once difficult, possible and easy.

Injuries can happen anywhere, at anytime. They occur on the job, on sports fields, from accidents or repetitive strain placed on a joint or muscle

How Does Functional Training Help Someone Recover From an Injury?

The goal of functional training therefore is to help someone return to all prior activities, pain-free and with little to no loss of motion. Many strength exercises are designed to isolate a single muscle. While there are times when this is necessary, functional training instead uses 3D training patterns to help the entire body.

Kinetisense Is An Important Tool To Improving Quality of Life

When you need to assess functional movement in three dimensions, Kinetisense is the means to measure and assess progress. Employers and employees alike will benefit from our 3D functional movement, 3D posture, and 3D balance assessments as they use the body?s complete range of motion. Kinetisense can find those small inconsistencies and errors of movement that lead to aches, pains, and overcompensation from poor habits.

Our technology uses data-driven analytics to objectively assess and correct ergonomic issues before they turn into potential injury. Kinetisense removes the guesswork involved in functional movement assessments. Clinicians, trainers, patients, and athletes can see their results in real time on our video-based screens. Education leads to injury prevention and the ability to implement modified duties and corrective strategies. This leads to healthier workplaces, healthier people, and a better quality of life.

Are you interested in seeing our Kinetisense system in action? We would be happy to show you. Our team is confident that the Kinetisense system is the tool you need to assess a patient?s total range of motion accurately and confidently. Reach out to us today to learn more about our technology, its amazing benefits, and how it can help anyone who wants their days to go easier and simple activities to be pain-free.