How Kinetisense Can Help Patients Lead Normal Lives

It can be frightening for a patient facing a lack of mobility.

Kinetisense Will Help Patients Overcome Their Limitations

Whether the limitation is caused by injury, illness, or aging, patients can easily feel as if their lives are changing for the worse and they will be unable to do the things they used to enjoy.

What they need is reassurance that they can reclaim the activities they did before they needed physical therapy. The majority of this comes from your professional help, the exercises you prescribe to help them relearn how to use their bodies, and gentle encouragement and reassurance that they are not alone, can lead a norml life, and function without pain or restrictions.

An essential ally that can help with diagnosing patients is the Kinetisense 3D motion capture system. Used by the NBA, Major League Baseball, the U.S. Olympic team, and a number of corporate and collegiate partners, our system is a cutting-edge tool that can quantify how your patient moves, give you a baseline for future assessments, and create accurate reports that give you a real-time, objective assessment of how training and therapy are improving the patient?s condition.

With Kinetisense, a patient can easily see how they are improving, how their body is responding to therapy, and possibly how they are on the right track to returning to the activities they love to do.

How Our Technology Works

Our solution is an affordable, accurate, and objective tool you can use to thoroughly assess how a patient moves. It uses no markers, no backgrounds, and is portable. Our technology only requires our camera, a tablet or laptop, and time to complete 12 movements.

The Kinetisense system is broken into five modules:

The KAMS module analyzes 12? movements in three minutes to provide objective, evidence-based assessments of a patient or athlete?s tri-planar motor control and flexibility. These assessments make it easy to see where movement requires correction. Engage the subject on a whole new level through the easy-to-understand outputs of the KAMS system.

This module uses a single front-facing sensor to establish objective benchmark balance scores to enable accurate tracking throughout the rehabilitation process. Unlike force plate technology that only gives information on changes in foot pressure, the Kinetisense Balance module scores each segment of the body for transverse plane sway and frontal plane tilt. With this tool, you will be able to identify which segment of the body requires rehabilitation and training.

Our solution is a functional movement system that enables physical therapists and trainers alike to analyze a variety of movement patterns across all three planes. This allows practitioners to build customized assessments with objective data analysis for each movement they choose to analyze. With this data, practitioners and trainers can adjust treatments and training in real time. Teaching patients to move is much easier with our ?freestyle? screen and real-time biofeedback.

Our range of motion assessment takes only seconds per test, and with automatic reporting, practitioners can see and show the results immediately. These results can be used to create targeted treatments to improve therapeutic and training outcomes. With so much versatility, practitioners can design specific ROM assessments and exercises to meet each client?s unique needs. Create your own range of motion and functional movement workflows; this module allows you to fully customize them based on your patient?s needs

No longer will practitioners and trainers need to rely on estimates to assess posture. Kinetisense turns therapists and trainers into posture scientists and enables them to correct a range of issues, including neck pain and beyond. Whether the patient needs standing or sitting posture analysis, Kinetisense provides the objective assessment that practitioners need to offer effective treatment

Make Therapeutic Goals More Attainable With Kinetisense

Patients are more likely to continue treatment when they feel they are part of the treatment process, when they can feel and see the results of their hard work and effort. When practitioners can show their patients the trend data in the charts and graphs that Kinetisense automatically generates, it?s easier to stay encouraged and continue a course of treatment. For therapists and chiropractors, this can also help with patient retention. Patients will be encouraged when they see your practice using the latest technology combined with your professional assessments.

If you are interested in increasing patient retention and adding a formidable tool to your physical therapy arsenal, contact Kinetisense today to arrange for a demonstration. Let us show you how thorough, quick, and useful our motion capture technology can be.