How To Assess a Patient?s Susceptibility To Injury With Kinetisense

Return to activity decisions are some of the most difficult for physicians to make when their patients are injury-prone athletes of any level?from rec-league weekend warriors to elite-level professionals.

Assessing Susceptibility to Injury is Critical to Making Return-to-Play Decisions

There are so many factors that play into decisions of this type. Some athletes need to perform to earn a paycheck, some are high-school athletes who need to be on the field to earn a scholarship. Some may be collegiate athletes wanting to push to the next level. Teams and coaches want the player to return as soon as possible, while parents may want to make sure their athlete is fully ready to return. An athlete who is prone to injury needs as much information as possible to assess their risk of injury before making the right decision. This is where an objective tool is needed to determine an athlete’s susceptibility to injury?enter Kinetisense.

Kinetisense Will Provide Objective Data

Our motion analysis system provides objective, video-based assessments that will bring you key insights into functional and sport-specific movements that you can use to make more accurate judgments about how the athlete is recovering from an injury and how well rehabilitation is working. Here are some of the key features of our system and how they can help:

Complete Video Analysis

Our versatile, single camera and sensor setup is a technology that works for athletes at all levels. Kinetisense is a professional-grade movement assessment tool that objectively measures balance, range of motion, motor control, functional movement, and more to gain quantitative insight into how efficiently and effectively an athlete?s body is performing.

Biomechanical Analysis

Where older methods relied on a doctor?s opinion about an injury before an athlete could return to play, Kinetisense technology quantifies movement based on three planes of motion and grades how the athlete moves. This gives a numerical grade that provides objective biomechanical analysis, giving the insight necessary to make better decisions about how to deliver targeted training and rehabilitation to get the athlete back on the field.

Portable and Affordable

A camera, a laptop or tablet, 3 to 5 minutes, and a 6×9 space is all that is needed to perform a thorough movement analysis. This portability allows a single sports medicine professional to assess an entire team in hours. Kinetisense is also at home in the locker room and on the sidelines as one more tool to assess full-body movements and sports injuries.

Gait Analysis

The Kinetisense system isn?t solely meant to assess static movements but can be used to analyze how injuries affect gait or any flaws in forward or backward motion. In fact, gait analysis is important to balance and range of motion?two major body functions where Kinetisense can pinpoint flaws.

Concussion Baseline Testing

With Kinetisense?s 3D balance module, it?s possible to establish concussion baseline scores so that over the course of training, or after falls or injuries, the extent of any damage can be measured objectively. Concussion testing is becoming more and more important as we learn more about how head injuries affect athletes in the short and long term. This is why the more evidence a physician has to make a thorough assessment, the better decisions can be made.?

Players of sports such as football are obvious candidates for this sort of testing, but recent evidence suggests that falls or hits to the body can also cause significant brain injury. There?s no harm in getting an objective assessment for any player as a part of an athletic safety program.

Kinetisense is committed to helping practitioners, trainers, and users of all kinds better understand the movements of the human body and accurately determine a patient?s susceptibility to injury

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Our movement assessment system is a revolutionary development for not only the sports medicine industry, but also for any patient looking to return to normal activity after an injury or surgery. Our holistic approach to body motion analysis provides the most objective, comprehensive look at the functional movement patterns of any subject. Combined with our automatic reporting, trend data is assembled into charts and graphs to help patients and athletes reach their desired outcomes.

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