Increase Patient Retention With Kinetisense

A loyal patient base is a vital asset to your practice.

Why is Patient Retention Important?

  • Repeat business ? Long-term patients require more care, and those who have built up confidence in your practice are more likely to refer you to others they know.
  • Fewer service costs ? Patients who have been to your office before know the drill. They understand your practice?s products and services and use them efficiently.
  • Honest feedback ? A patient?s opinion is one of the best tools you can use to improve your facilities and services. Regular patients are open and honest about the issues they have with your practice, which makes them a valuable resource.
  • Confidential feedback ? A long-term patient has invested time with your facility and staff, so when they have an issue with your practice, they are more likely to air that grievance in private.

Retaining your patients and prioritizing continuity of care should be the focus of your practice. This singular goal can not only create and support a revenue stream, but the idea that every patient has value and everything that can be done to keep them as a patient must be done will permeate your medical practice and improve everything from quality of care to customer service.

Your practice relies on returning patients in the same way loyal customers can mean the difference between a business?s survival and failure.

Kinetisense is One Way Your Practice Can Provide Value to Your Patients

One key way to retaining patients is to provide them with services that offer objective insights into their base conditions. Through our 3D motion capture technology, you have an easy and thorough way to analyze how your patient moves. This data is captured without the use of wearables and is delivered through automatic reporting and real-time video analysis to give the patient easier access to objective information about their movement health.

Physical Therapy

Kinetisense measures balance, posture, and range of motion, providing many therapeutic applications, from mobility and occupational therapy treatments for older patients to injury recovery in athletes.

Injury Prevention

Our complete toolbox of 3D motion capture assessments gives athletic trainers the information they need to enhance training when an athlete is recovering from an injury. Moreover, our technology assists with return-to-play decisions and provides information that reduces the risk of re-injury.

Workplace Wellness

A healthy, pain-free workplace is a productive and happy workplace. Kinetisense can be used to show employees how they can make subtle changes to their posture or daily movements to make tasks easier and reduce their risk of injuries from overuse.

Why Do Patients Return to the Same Healthcare Provider?

Patients Need Someone They Can Trust

Patients are loyal to healthcare providers they trust, especially when diagnoses and treatments are delivered in an accessible and consistent manner. This is because they know what to expect from your practice and are comfortable with it. Satisfied patients will gladly promote your practice and brand, without being asked.

Patients Have Set Expectations, and Your Job Is to Meet Them

Patient services has developed over the years to be much more than attending to healthcare issues. Practices these days have to meet and exceed patient expectations, and those that do empower their patients and give them concrete reasons to return.

Using the Same Healthcare Provider Is a Luxury

Patients see having a regular doctor or healthcare provider as a great asset to their health and well-being. Simply having a trusted professional in your corner is an enormous benefit, whether a patient has chronic health issues or not.

Your Practice Uses the Latest Technology

This is where Kinetisense can provide an enormous benefit to your practice. Our motion capture technology and real-time reporting system is the absolute best the industry has to offer for movement therapy, injury prevention, and workplace wellness. For more information about how the Kinetisense system can be an asset to your practice, call us today to set up a demo.