Versatile 3D motion capture technology for athletes, workers, patients, and researchers

Kinetisense enables planar data for healthcare practitioners doing biomechanical assessments. From concussion baselines to geriatric fall-risk assessments, physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other practitioners have the objective movement screening tools they need to better target treatments and improve outcomes.

Expand the walls of the clinic with our affordable, portable technology that allows for truly community-based care. Plus, we allow for cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant reporting. Bring in and retain patients with Kinetisense.

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We offer the most dynamic 3D functional screening available on the market today. Because Kinetisense allows for truly customized assessments and personalized programming, trainers can better serve their clients and deliver results faster and with greater efficiency.

Something that differentiates Kinetisense from other screening technology is that our full-body assessments use markerless motion capture and monitor progress over time. Decrease the risk of injury and improve performance with data-driven periodization customized for each client’s unique needs.


Kinetisense has a range of workplace applications that provide a data-driven analysis of worker health and wellness. With insight on workplace ergonomics and tools like pre-employment screening, the business owner will be able to make informed decisions on when workers return to the job, how to modify duties, and how to reduce micro-trauma.

Healthier employees lead to increased productivity and the feeling of a caring workplace.

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Every technology that leads to even incremental improvements in performance for the Functional Fitness athlete is one to be explored. Kinetisense enables more than just incremental improvement. With our objective functional movement screen, which offers real-time biofeedback, competitors can reduce the risk of injury while learning new techniques and boosting performance. Coaches can become movement scientists with what is essentially a portable biofeedback lab. Teach movements faster and see immediate ROI as athletes choose the gym with powerful technology.

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Increased performance and reduced risk of injury? Kinetisense enables both. Concussion baseline and fatigue assessments offer insight into better periodization of training and give parents and athletes the objective data they need, so they know when it is safe to return to the sport after injury.

Beyond injury prevention, Kinetisense engages and educates athletes on their functional movement to enhance speed and power.

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Kinetisense is the assessment tool of choice for clinical researchers looking for the most objective functional movement screen available. Our single-sensor configuration is portable and easy to set up in only 2 minutes.

Get to the research and avoid inconveniences with our self-calibrating system and automatic reporting. Whether the research topic is human performance or traumatic brain injury or anything in between, Kinetisense offers the accuracy researchers need.

Set up Kinetisense in the classroom to show musculoskeletal conditions and tri-planar assessments in real-time.

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3D Markerless Motion Capture

Whatever the industry application, our system enables objective data gathering in the natural environment of each patient, athlete, or educator. Our virtual reality-based approach meets subjects where they are with unparalleled portability and requires zero wearable devices to gather data.

Use our movement assessment to improve outcomes, enhance performance, or make objective research findings.

Kinetisense motion capture software is unique in that it analyzes movement data from a single-sensor setup, eliminating clutter and maximizing portability and affordability. Whether a trainer is trying to boost sports performance or a researcher is developing a specific application for use in a clinic, Kinetisense has a versatility that’s unmatched by other motion capture systems.

3D Motion Capture

With a unique single-sensor setup, our objective movement measurement system provides motion capture data with automatic reporting.

Applications for Any Industry

The Kinetisense hardware and software combination is unique in its portability and affordability while remaining an objective functional movement screening tool. Most applications have tradeoffs that make them impractical. Kinetisense has The Kinetisense hardware and software combination is unique in its portability and affordability while remaining an objective functional movement screening tool. Most applications have tradeoffs that make them impractical. Kinetisense has it all.

Motion capture for a range of applications including biomechanical research, functional fitness performance, physical therapy, and more.

Clinical practitioners can improve and track ROI. Employers see better outcomes from healthy employees. Trainers are always looking for ways to help their athletes perform better, and educators look for the most powerful tools to understand the body in greater detail. The applications are endless. Schedule a demo by clicking below to see where Kinetisense can help in your organization.

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