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Kinetisense has a range of applications for researchers and offers high accuracy and objectivity alongside automatic reporting

Musculoskeletal Research

Kinetisense is the assessment tool of choice for clinical research for several reasons. From its single-sensor setup, its versatility and affordability, Kinetisense gives movement scientists and clinicians the ability to view the human body in a powerful new way. The simplicity and efficiency of the system allow you to collect more data efficiently and objectively.

Researchers in the field of medicine, kinesiology, sports performance, CNS/PNS disorders, etc. leverage the abilities of Kinetisense to gather objective digital data.

Universities around the world use Kinetisense for a wide range of applications and clinical trials, including conditions such as Parkinson’s disease to workplace-related repetitive stress injuries. Educators bring Kinetisense into the classroom so students can see real-time MSK in action.

“When my clients are able to see what I see and understand why they are doing specific exercises, they start taking responsibility for their bodies. Compliance goes up and pain goes down!”

Lorri GordonPhysiotherapist, GIFT FellowGray Institute

Our secure, cloud-based system is HIPAA compliant and stores movement data for any research application.

Because our system uses just a single sensor connected to a computer, Kinetisense is ideal for field and clinical research. Are you testing tools or models that could reduce the risk of a geriatric fall? Markerless motion capture makes it possible. With Kinetisense, there’s no need to labor over a complicated setup. All it takes is the system and a few minutes for each participant in your test. Kinetisense has a built-in data export tool that allows you to transfer the biomechanical into Xcel or CSV format.

Our system is the most efficient data capture system available, making Kinetisense a true ‘plug-and-play’ solution.

A Biofeedback Tool Perfect for University Researchers and Clinicians

Movement scientists and researchers in many fields around North America, use Kinetisense for its objective, accurate, and versatile assessment capabilities.

Where Can Musculoskeletal Research Be Applied?

Neurological Conditions – From Parkinson’s Disease to Multiple Sclerosis, the ability to move, or lack thereof, is a major component of many neurological conditions. Assessing rates of decline or areas for improvement is dependent on a highly accurate, objective tool like Kinetisense. The development of standardized assessments and treatment protocols begins not just in the lab but in the clinic or out in the field. An affordable, functional movement screen like Kinetisense allows researchers to gather large amounts of accurate data in short amounts of time.

Therapeutics – Kinetisense 3D markerless motion capture, biomechanical therapy is moving outside the laboratory and beyond patient reports. Researchers and clinicians are using Kinetisense to determine which therapies are effective and how to improve them even further.

Injury Risk Mitigation – Research is showing that objective assessments and timely corrections can mitigate the risk of injury. Kinetisense has been used to show how proper movement and posture can reduce stress and strain, thus reducing the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries. Athletic researchers use Kinetisense to help determine the best practices for training.

Athletic Performance – Athletes’ and their coaches are always looking for ways to reduce injury and improve performance. So researchers at universities and athletic organizations need the right tools to develop new training methods and make the fine improvements that athletes want. How can a top professional pitcher throw their fastball 0.5 mph faster? Kinetisense can help find the answer.

A Portable Bio-Mechanics Lab
A Fraction of the Cost of Other Systems
University Validated for Accuracy
Large Data Sets in A Fraction of the Time

The Movement Assessment Tool of Choice

Academic institutions around the world have incorporated Kinetisense in a wide range of applications, including education, research, and clinical trials. Kinetisense has been used in researching conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Cerebra Palsy, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Educators bring Kinetisense into the classroom so that students can see the musculoskeletal system in real-time.

From medicine to human performance and beyond, Kinetisense assessments can be customized to meet each educator’s or researcher’s specific goals.

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