Kinetisense turns trainers into movement scientists to deliver superior results for their clients

Driving Personalized Fitness

Kinetisense provides real-time biofeedback and functional movement assessments to improve clients performance and reduce risk of injury.

Movement Fitness

Real-time biofeedback leads to positive fitness outcomes; clients can quickly understand their movement deficiencies. When clients can objectively see what the trainer is trying to communicate, ideal functional movement patterns are enhanced. The advanced reporting engages the client to a whole new level, revealing improvements or regressions in the quality of their functional movement patterns. This system will uncover why the client is hitting a plateau in their training and if / when they are experiencing functional fatigue. This information is invaluable when establishing a periodized training protocol.

In that way, Kinetisense has immediate implications for your overall ROI. Training clients’ functional movement imbalances and improving their dysfunctions, reduces the risk of injury and will keep them from quitting, or suspending membership, due to pain and injury.

Beyond Movement Fitness

Kinetisense is the most dynamic functional screening tool on the market today. We turn trainers into movement scientists by providing them with the objective tools to identify dysfunctional movement (and reduce injury) and increase performance.

Kinetisense gives trainers a tangible way to differentiate themselves from their competition. Create truly personalized training programs for clients based on the objective quality of their movements. Track progress with automatic reporting and trend data to keep clients engaged and motivated.

Data-driven periodization eliminates the guesswork to help clients reach their fitness goals in the most efficient way possible.

Kinetisense isn’t limited to one type of client. Anyone can benefit from it, from athletes looking to optimize their training regimen or someone who is just getting into fitness and hoping to lose weight. Certified personal trainers can set the bar higher.

The fitness industry needs more than just talented trainers. Kinetisense is a transformational technology that makes fitness science attainable.

Movement Analysis for All Fitness Levels

Everyone hopes to make progress when training to optimize for physical fitness. Kinetisense provides objective trend data to measure that progress, training goals, and promote greater compliance and client engagement.

The easy to understand data that Kinetisense provides allows the trainer to gauge periodization of training, when and how hard to train based on functional performance and fatigue.

Functional movement applies to all ages and Kinetisense provides the data necessary to track improvements or regressions in function. From the young athlete to the geriatric population, Kinetisense is the movement screen of choice in the fitness industry.


The Average Increase in Personal Training Revenue

Positive Movement Fitness

From strength training to weight loss, clients want to see their progress. Kinetisense is for everyone because we provide objective functional movement screening to help trainers customize their program for each client’s unique needs.

Full-body functional movement analysis gives trainers key insights into the performance of each of their clients. If trainers are better able to target areas of the body that require either stability or mobility, programming and fitness training will improve on all fronts. Clients will become more engaged in their training and continue working with their trainer as they strive to obtain ideal functional movement patterns.

Applications for the fitness industry are endless. Schedule a demonstration to see how your gym can differentiate from the rest.

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