Improving patient outcomes through objective analysis and automatic trend data reporting

Movement and Health

Everyone understands that health and functional movement are directly tied to each other. Kinetisense has developed the tools that health care practitioners require to limit the need to ‘eyeball’ range of motion, functional movement, balance, and posture and instead use objective measurements, reporting, and analysis.

Our HIPAA-compliant cloud, paired with advanced data analytics and portable markerless motion capture, produce a tool that is unique in the industry.

Here’s how it works: In under 1 minute, our single-sensor setup is connected to a computer and the Kinetisense software platform. It’s as simple as that. Because it is so intuitive and easy to set up and install, Kinetisense is used in a variety of clinical settings and capacities around the healthcare clinical practice.

“If you want to make sure that your clients or patients are moving well, you need this as your screening system. It is the future of screening.”

Paul BrittSenior RKC Trainer and Chiropractic StudentParker University

Kinetisense helps patients learn how to improve their movement patterns over the course of rehabilitation, keeping them physically active while reducing the risk of injury.

Set up Kinetisense in a waiting room to give current and prospective patients an idea of the cutting-edge technology that’s being used to treat them. Or set up our system in the examination rooms and your physical rehab rooms.

No other system is as affordable and versatile while offering such a high degree of accuracy and objectivity.

Functional Movement Screen Tools that Clinicians and Patients Rely on

Kinetisense provides the 3D tri-planar data that practitioners use to optimize treatments and track patient progression. The single click data capture and automated reporting make Kinetisense the ultimate differentiator for your clinic.

Motion Health and Wellness

Kinetisense is used for a variety of clinical applications. The following are all included in the Kinetisense toolbox of assessments to bring augmented reality into the clinical setting.

BalanceObjective balance testing through Kinetisense helps improve therapies intended for a range of conditions or outcomes. From reducing geriatric fall risk to baselining and re-assessing concussions for athletes, our 3D balance module is an essential assessment tool for the patient and athlete population.

Range of MotionTesting 48 ranges of motion allows you to track patient progress and leads to more effective therapies to improve outcomes. Each test takes only seconds, and with automatic reporting, therapists and clinicians can get to what matters most: treatment. Our range of motion module assesses the ‘true angle’ of joint movement and accounts for compensatory movements in adjacent joints.

Functional MovementEach body is unique, meaning every person’s functional movement ability exists on a spectrum. Kinetisense offers objective, video-based functional movement assessments that are customizable based on each patient’s unique needs. Our solution is the only one of its kind that can analyze the coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes with a single sensor.

PostureOur real-time posture assessment takes only 20 to 30 seconds and provides trackable data to help practitioners analyze trends over time. With Kinetisense, practitioners can say goodbye to grids and subjective estimates.

Custom Workflow Engine – Kinetisense is the only system of its kind that allows our practitioners to create their own ‘customized workflow’ of assessments. Make your assessment workflow and the system will automatically move from one assessment to the next, saving you time and increasing your clinical efficiency.

Increase Patient Compliance
Attract New Patients
Increase Your Revenue
Differentiate Your Clinic

Health in Motion

Physical therapy, Chiropractic, and rehabilitation are taken to the next level when adding the cutting-edge functional movement technology from Kinetisense.

Whether a clinician is monitoring brain injury in an athlete through concussion baseline/re-assessment testing or a therapist is helping a geriatric patient learn to move efficiently to live independently, Kinetisense enables more effective and efficient treatment plans.

The Kinetisense toolbox of data-driven assessments leverages augmented reality for physicians, hospitals, clinicians, and their patients. The real-time biofeedback will engage your patients to a new level and enhance the overall clinical outcomes and patient compliance.

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