Providing athletes a new way to look at their movements to boost performance

Motion Analysis in Sports Reduces Injury and Improves Performance

3D Functional movement screens identify areas of movement pattern compensation
for improvement in movement patterns.

Motion Analysis and Sports Performance

The Kinetisense motion analysis system provides objective, video-based assessments that deliver key insights into the functional and sport-specific movements athletes need to perfect to perform at the highest level.

Our powerful tool allows athletes and coaches to analyze each movement frame by frame to refine movements such as golf swings, Olympic lifts, gait, jumping, and much more.


Sports Motion and Video Analysis

Professional athletes in the MLB, NHL, NFL, PGA have already incorporated Kinetisense into their athletic movement screen protocols, giving them a distinct advantage in their field. Kinetisense is a technology for athletes of all levels. The versatile single-sensor setup is the most portable and affordable movement analysis tool on the market.

Kinetisense is a professional grade assessment tool that objectively measures balance, range of motion, functional movement, and more to reduce injury prevalence and enhance performance.

Our tool engages and motivates the athlete in a way that is unparalleled to any other system. Athletes can objectively see how efficiently and effectively their body is moving and will be better equipped to meet training targets.

Assess athletic performance in real time with Kinetisense-powered functional movement analytics.

There are several training factors that lead to success in competition: correct periodization of training, well-executed movement patterns, and injury prevention, among others. Kinetisense allows athletes and coaches to cut through the subjectivity and limitations of ‘eyeballing’ the assessments.

Kinetisense is for all athletes. Parents want their children to be involved in sports but are concerned with the risks. Objective analysis is part of the solution. By helping ensure kids are practicing their chosen sport safely, we encourage a healthy commitment to competition. From reducing the risk of MSK injuries to concussion baseline and reassessment, the data we capture is essential to keeping your young athlete healthy now and in the future.

Biomechanical Analysis

The old world of athletics and competitive sports relied on subjectivity and a coach’s opinion on how best to perform techniques. No doubt the latter is still critical for success, but with objective biomechanical analysis providing the insight necessary to drive targeted training, athletes can hit performance goals they never thought were possible.

Kinetisense gives coaches the power to turn their gym, field, or court into a biomechanics lab and transforms them into movement scientists.


Faster Motor Learning

Sports Medicine to Optimized Performance

A growing concern for coaches, parents, and athletes alike is the risk of concussion. Kinetisense allows practitioners, trainers, and coaches to conduct objective concussion baseline assessments for all of their athletes in a simple and affordable way. Results are stored and tracked for use over weeks, months, or even years.

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