Reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity by teaching workers to move in a healthier and more efficient way

Fitness in the Workplace

Kinetisense gives employers the tools to improve the health of their employees through functional movement screening.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Objective functional movement assessments using the Kinetisense system helps employees visualize and understand their biomechanics and associated dysfunctions. We’ve all heard that we should sit up straight. But why? With the Kinetisense system, each employee will be able to understand the way they are sitting and see improvement over time. This high level of engagement will increase the overall compliance of your employees in their prescribed programs.

A 3D posture analysis from Kinetisense is easy to set up because we only use a single sensor instead of a complicated arrangement. Our solution is affordable, and a return on investment is a virtual certainty over time.

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Improve Employee Health

Employee health and wellness is critical to a functional and productive workplace. Studies show that prolonged sitting and bad posture are major health risks. Our functional movement screen and assessment protocols give feedback on the regions of the body that require stability or mobility before the injury occurs. The 100 point scoring scale shows if your employee is improving or regressing in their overall movement function. Start a ‘functional movement’ competition in your office and take your business to the next level.

Promoting physical activity and proper posture and movement is a good way for employers to reduce healthcare costs and create a happier workforce. But without an objective tool that lets employees know how they are moving, it’s hard to motivate them toward improvement.

Moving more often is only part of the equation in employee health in well-being. Kinetisense provides insights into the quality of movement.

Repetitive stress injuries can lead to problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain. This might not sound as dangerous as other injuries reported in workplaces, but they can lead to major costs and give the impression of a less caring workplace.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

How to sit or stand properly is often a question in the workplace. Repetitive motion injuries in the workplace are a common cause of higher healthcare costs for businesses in the United States, but there are things employers can do.

The first step is being able to see the problem. A 3D posture analysis and functional movement assessment allows employers and employees to see the mechanics of their posture and movement compensations through augmented reality.

Kinetisense in the Workplace

Employers and employees alike can benefit from 3D functional movement, 3D posture, and 3D balance assessments by Kinetisense. Use data driven analytics to objectively assess and correct ergonomic issues before they turn into potential injury. Education leads to injury prevention and the ability to implement modified duties and corrective strategies. This leads to a healthier workplace and increased productivity.

Employers who invest in technology like Kinetisense show their employees that they truly care about more than just the bottom line. But it doesn’t have to be one or the other: Kinetisense offers a clear path to a return on investment. Kinetisense is the key to a healthier and more productive workplace.

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