Interview with Dr. Brad

Recently Dr. Brad Parascak of Lethbridge, Alberta sent us an email that began:

We wanted to know more, so we asked him to explain his work and the difference Kinetisense is making.

The main work we do is focus on the detection and correction of spinal subluxations to promote optimal neurological function of the entire body! We had already been doing digital x-rays and nerve scans. Now we provide full body functional movement testing with Kinetisense to make our office complete. With all the right technology we can offer the best service to everyone that comes through our door!

The technology is so simple to use once you decide how you want to implement it into the office. I love the fact that Kinetisense has so much to offer that there are so many ways to make it work in the office depending on what you want to do.

Assessing posture and range of motion using Kinetisense provides quantitative data that we can easily share with our patients and be able to make better comparisons between different assessments instead of just guessing.

Performing balance tests using the software has really opened our patients eyes on how important their nervous system is and how we as chiropractors truly are making a difference for them.

The best part is my chiropractic assistant can do the posture and range of motion testing and use the other applications within Kinetisense while I am taking care of other patients.

The biggest thing is because the patients are actively involved in the testing process with Kinetisense that they are asking better questions and see more value in how we can help them.

While Kinetisense is key to providing full body functional movement testing at the clinic, it also helps Dr. Brad to get outside the lab. Here’s Dr. Brad.

I am working with a number of local sports associations to do baseline concussion testing. From there I look forward to working with local gyms to offer KAMS testing. Kinetisense has so much to offer and a great way to educate our community on how important proper function is and that chiropractors have so much to offer them towards their health.

We also asked about using Kinetisense for orthotics.

Before seeing this question I talked to my team at the office and told them we should measure our patient’s balance before and after they receive their orthotics so that they can truly tell the difference it has in their spinal stability and neurological balance throughout their entire body so that they don’t think it is just about their feet. Kinetisense is such a great system as it tells you how your whole body is functioning.