Jason Dixon – Testimonial

Dr. Jason Dixon passed on the following note:

I use the analysis on every single patient.
I focus in on the clinical features for evaluation of spinal stress patterns, global ranges of motion, and balance. It is easy to use and all of my patients seem to really appreciate the thorough evaluation that this system is a part of.

I currently fly solo and it takes me approximately 10 minutes to do everything I do with Kinetisense:

  • Posture (I still take 2 shots so I have a good visual of the profile view)
  • Balance testing: 20 second recordings for each leg. If they score higher than 75% with either leg, I have them repeat the test with eyes closed. During re-exams, if they increased their score from <75% to now over 75%, then I will proceed with eyes closed assessment.)
  • I set up the KAMS with my own spinal wellness screening workflow to capture all of the spinal ranges of motion that the software allows.

I have seen marked improvement in posture, balance, and range of motion with most of my patients.
This definitely works much better than my old visual assessment. Patients love being able to see their changes as well. I have had many patients excited for their re-exams because they get to see all of the changes they are making on top of the body awareness and health/wellness surveys I have them fill out.

I combine my kinetisense exam with spinal scanning tech from CLA INSiGHT, giving me a great set of metrics for the health of their spines and nervous system. With everything together, I can now back up what my eyes and hands have been reporting for the past couple of years.