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A Team of Movement Experts

The Kinetisesnse team is made up of a multidisciplinary group of industry experts. This has allowed us to build a system that has real applications for trainers, coaches, medical practitioners, chiropractors, researchers, and beyond.

Meet our team of movement specialists. We are fully committed to showing you how the Kinetisense technology will take you and your facility to the next level of body motion analysis. When you work with us, you have access to a full team of movement scientists.


Dr. Ryan Comeau –
Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Ryan Comeau is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kinetisense. Dr. Comeau played NCAA Division 1 Hockey at the University of Alaska before completing his Doctorate at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. His love for sports performance and neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation drove Dr. Comeau to develop an efficient and objective markerless motion capture system.

Dr. Comeau has presented and lectured across North America and the world on the importance of objective movement assessments and associated corrective movement strategies. He is considered an expert in markerless motion capture and its applications in the fields of sports performance and MSK rehabilitation. Dr. Comeau has advised and treated professional sports athletes and organizations in the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB.

David Schnare –
Co-Founder and Director of Technology

David Schnare is the co-founder. With more than 26 years of experience in the information technology (IT) field with Hewlett Packard, David has continually expanded his technical and business capabilities through training and practical experience. These experiences and certifications in best practices of IT management have enabled David to deliver exceptional value to the Kinetisense customers and staff.

David has a passion for project management and leads the strategic software development department of Kinetisense. David’s MBA business training paired with information technology experience is a valuable asset that allows Kinetisense to continually drive novel development and maintain Kinetisense technological advantage.

Brent Kilbasco

Brent Kilbasco

Senior Engineer

Brent Kilbasco is a Senior Engineer at Kinetisense. Brent has 12 years experience in developing and leading teams of developers in building software applications ranging from educational games for children to training courseware for the Department of National Defence, to full stack enterprise application suites.

His passion for development and both visually and functionally elegant code can be traced back well before his professional days. He fell in love with coding in grade school when taking his first programming class. After being introduced to programming and software development, all his lunch hours were spent tinkering and building small apps and turn-based role-playing games.

A coding heavyweight and software optimization and performance expert, his keen interest in motion tracking, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, coupled with his love for helping people has brought him to Kinetisense to put his passion into the Kinetisense App.

Dragana Vukovic

Dragana Vukovic

Director of Inbound  Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Dragana is the Sales and Strategic Partnerships Director at Kinetisense. As a lifelong athlete and current coach, she has always had a keen interest in human movement and injury prevention. After completing her business degree, Dragana was introduced to Kinetisense while working as the program coordinator for the Alberta Sport Development Centre. This eventually led her to join the Kinetisense team in 2021.

Since joining Kinetisense, Dragana has focused on building lasting customer relationships and providing exceptional customer service and support. She has an extensive knowledge of the advantages that markerless motion capture technology can provide, and is committed to helping clients understand the value that Kinetisense can bring to their business.

Pat O’Keefe

Pat O’Keefe

Director of Outbound Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Pat brings to Kinetisense customers a fundamental commitment to their success honed over more than 35 years of experience in the development of a range of businesses. He focuses on strong relationships, service, and rapid response to deliver the results customers need.

Pat is committed to bringing the considerable benefits of markerless assessment technology to the Healthcare market, especially Senior Living and Long-Term Care. He finds great satisfaction in demonstrating the value of Kinetisense technology to customers in driving outcomes and positively impacting the quality of lives of seniors.

Well-known for his energy, Pat brings a drive for satisfaction to his time away from work as well. He enjoys riding horses, playing golf, being active, and spending time with family and friends.

Tess Zinger

Tess Zinger

Director of Strategic Partnerships 

Tess is passionate about building strong business relationships with clients to achieve long-term goals and objectives. Her professional studies began locally at Medicine Hat College playing post-secondary Basketball where she received a dual diploma as an Occupational Therapy Assistant & Physical Therapy Assistant. During her studies, Tess was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honour Society for outstanding grades. Since graduating, she began her career in a chiropractic clinic gaining skills and knowledge in the clinical and rehabilitation setting while using Kinetisense.

Tess was initially introduced to Kinetisense through her time with the Medicine Hat College Rattlers Basketball team and has seen personal advancement through the software.

Jenelle Cousins

Jenelle Cousins

Head Kinesiologist 

Jenelle is the Head Kinesiologist at Kinetisense. Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, Jenelle grew up with a passion for outdoor activities and living an active and healthy lifestyle. Jenelle found success in her young adult years playing national level soccer around Canada and the USA, which led to her obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Jenelle began her post-secondary education at Medicine Hat College, leading a pilot study between Kinetisense and a local Medicine Hat retirement community. Completing her Kinesiology degree at the University of Lethbridge she was introduced to Kinetisense once again. With this exposure, Jenelle established her career with Kinetisense. She brings valuable knowledge in movement and research and is a valuable asset to the company and colleagues.

Tatiana Dutka

Tatiana Dutka

Associate of Product Testing and Enhancement

Tatiana is the Associate of Product Testing and Enhancement. Her passion for wellness and human movement began at a young age as she grew up playing various sports including hockey, volleyball, golf, track & field and basketball. This passion brought Tatiana to Medicine Hat College where she played post-secondary basketball for three years while obtaining a diploma as an Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant.

Following the completion of the therapy assistant diploma, Tatiana transferred to the University of Calgary where she obtained a degree in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies with Honors. Previously, Tatiana worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant before joining the Kinetisense team. Merging professional and personal interests Tatiana found Kinetisense to be a perfect fit and enjoys contributing to the team and assisting the diverse demographic of clients in an impactful way.

Rodrigo Tavares

Rodrigo - Head shot

Rodrigo Tavares

Director of IT and Design 

Rodrigo is the Director of IT and Design at Kinetisense. Originally from Brazil, Rodrigo played professional soccer there and in Spain. While in Brazil, Rodrigo attended the Rio de Janeiro State University where he took Physical Education and coached University teams before making his move to Canada.

After moving to Canada, Rodrigo attended Keyano College and Medicine Hat College for soccer. He received a certificate in Business Administration and a diploma in Information Technology during his time at both schools.  After he was finished playing at Medicine Hat, he transitioned to coaching. Before joining Kinetisense, Rodrigo worked in the registration department at Medicine Hat Regional Hospital for about 2 years, while also doing work as a graphic designer.

Liam Liu

Liam Liu

Intermediate Unity Developer

Liam Liu is a Unity developer that has a passion to be creative and develop new and exciting projects. He has worked on multiple mobile games and applications professionally and as passion projects. Liam is always eager to learn and develop his skills. He looks forward to aiding Kinetisense while also learning from everyone else here.

McKenzie McGilchrist

McKenzie McGilchrist

Co-lead developer

McKenzie is a Unity developer at Kinetisense with a main focus on mobile application design and development. He has 5 years of experience of working on various websites and applications. McKenzie passion is to develop new products and he is excited to expand on Kinetisense’s strong software foundation.

Beau Sauls

Dr. Beau Sauls

Product Advancement Consultant

Dr. Beau Sauls is the Product Advancement Consultant at Kinetisense. Dr. Sauls began using Kinetisense while in chiropractic school and helped implement the technology into the student clinic at Parker University, including staff doctor training. He also started the Kinetisense Screening Club, where students meet to learn how to use Kinetisense to assess and help their future patients. Dr. Beau Sauls is a functional movement and active rehab specialist and is opening the Kinetic Centre Dallas (Texas) to continue to change patients’ lives and help people move more functionally, using objective data provided by Kinetisense.

Dr. Beau is the host of KinetiKast, a podcast centered around the Kinetisense technology and how to use it to improve movement, performance, and rehab. Featured guests include Dr. Ryan Comeau, Dr. Bill Morgan, Rich Froning, Dr. Patrick Vellner, Patrick McKeown from the Oxygen Advantage, and many more!

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