Objective movement screening modules for trainers and clinicians to use for their clients and patients

Advanced Movement Screen

You don’t have time in your busy day to analyze functional movement inefficiently.

Our KAMS (Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen) module allows patients and/or athletes to maximize their results. With the use of our proprietary functional planar mapping (FPM) tool, athletes gain a competitive edge in their training, and patients obtain better outcomes. KAMS is the most efficient and objective functional movement screen on the market, analyzing 12 evidence-based movements in approximately 3 minutes. KAMS generates a comprehensive functional movement report that identifies strengths and dysfunctions in the human body.

Range of Motion

The Kinetisense 3D range of motion module allows practitioners to track rehab and treatment progress across 48 different ranges of motion with unmatched precision. With an objective way to measure improvement over time, practitioners can achieve better patient outcomes?from an improved range of motion to tracking pain levels over time.

Each assessment takes only 15 seconds, so you can have a complete, objective picture of your patients joint function throughout treatment.


From a single front-facing sensor, our 3D posture module enables trainers and practitioners to make real-time assessments of posture across three planes. Assess posture along the coronal, transverse, and sagittal plane with a single click. Whether you are addressing static posture concerns or conducting postural training, our video-based system allows for objective functional analysis and treatment protocols.

Each test takes only 20 to 30 seconds, and the results are stored for future use throughout treatment or for longer periods.

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