3D Range of Motion

Functional assessments for 48 unique ranges of motion that take only 15 seconds each

The Most Accurate and Objective Range of Motion Analysis on the Market Today

Assess patients’ and clients’ active range of motion to improve therapy and training methods without the use of wearable systems or handheld tools.

Active and Passive Range of Motion Software

Whereas active range of motion (ROM) relies on an individual moving their joint through a ROM without assistance, passive ROM is exactly the opposite. Kinetisense allows for truly objective and measurable results that reduce the need for trainers and practitioners to eyeball results, and it allows trainers and practitioners to share what they are seeing.

These differences have distinct therapeutic and training advantages. Whether you are analyzing the rehabilitation progress of a frozen shoulder patient or screening an athlete for sport-specific joint mobility, Kinetisense is the tool that allows for a fast and accurate functional assessment.

From improving strength and flexibility in athletes to helping patients with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, or myalgia, Kinetisense enables better outcomes and more effective treatment and training.

Physical therapy, chiropractic, and training all rely on an understanding of a subject’s passive and active ROM. Our solution provides objective results with markerless motion capture technology that is unique to the industry.

Take our solution anywhere, from the field to the front office.

Active Range of Motion Testing

Active range of motion refers to an individual’s ability to move through a range of motion without assistance from a trainer or physician. Our range of motion assessment takes only seconds per test, and with automatic reporting, practitioners can see and show the results immediately. Analyze active or passive ranges of motion and show the improvements immediately after treatment. These results can be used to create targeted treatments to improve therapeutic and training outcomes.

Kinetisense also allows you to easily attach these reports to electronic medical records to give future practitioners a complete picture of a patient’s medical history. The reports that are generated by the system are accepted by most insurance companies for reimbursement.

48 Ranges of Motion

Kinetisense can detect and analyze movement across 48 ROMs of more than 25 joint segments of the body. If your client is having trouble with a specific joint or you need to conduct a ROM assessment for their spinal range of motion, Kinetisense can get it done.

With so much versatility, practitioners can design specific ROM assessments and exercises to meet each client’s unique needs. This module allows you to fully customize to create your own ROM and functional movement workflows.


Seconds Per Test

In addition to the versatility, portability, and affordability of Kinetisense technology, our reporting and data tracking tools are second to none. With automatic reporting, it’s easy to analyze results and even incorporate them into electronic medical records for future use.

When trainers and therapists can compare improvements over time with 100 point scoring, they are able to adjust training programs and rehab protocols to best serve the health and progress of their patients and clients.

Trend data is key to better outcomes, and no other system offers such a comprehensive functional analysis of improvement or regression tracked throughout multiple sessions.

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