Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen

KAMS is a functional movement screen to help teach athletes and patients how to move more effectively.

An Enhanced Movement Experience

Our multidisciplinary technology efficiently and objectively assesses the fundamental movement of patients and athletes with a one-of-a-kind approach that combines proprietary software with a single front-facing 3D sensor.

Our solution is affordable, portable, and useful for a variety of training and therapeutic applications. Engage the patient and client and help them reach a whole new level through the easy-to-understand outputs of the KAMS functional movement screen.

With real-time funtional movement screening and video playback, trainers and therapists no longer need to guess or estimate the quality of a given movement.

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Real-Time Biofeedback

The KAMS module analyzes 12 evidence-based movements in 3 minutes to provide objective assessments of an athlete’s tri-planar motor control and flexibility. These assessments make it easy to see where movement requires correction.

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Markerless Joint Recognition

KAMS revolutionizes movement assessment, ditching complex screens for efficient patient engagement. With 3D analysis and joint mapping, it saves time, allowing more focus on training and treatment. KAMS provides reliable, data-driven analytics, overcoming visual screen limitations.

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One-Click Reporting

Our one-click reporting allows you to screen results with ease and rapidly identify areas for improvement. KAMS automatically generates charts and graphs that permit trainers and practitioners to track progress over time.


Advanced Movement Athletics

The KAMS module empowers trainers and athletes to get the most out of each session. From movement competency to strength and conditioning, our system provides specific, objective insight into an athlete’s movement patterns.

Never before have trainers had access to a system that is this powerful, affordable, and simple to set up. With a single-sensor arrangement, KAMS is portable, allowing it to be to used in a range of athletic environments.

Advanced Movement Therapy

KAMS assesses and tracks a patient’s mobility and stability to promote better therapeutic outcomes. Track a patient’s progress over time, whether you are focusing on range of motion, motor control, balance, or any other area of functional movement. KAMS also maps which joints and joint planes require attention.

Our toolbox of assessments enables practitioners to treat their patients with a more objective approach without requiring complicated equipment or difficult-to-use technology.

3 Minutes

Amount of Time a KAMS Assessment Takes

A Complete Planar Mapping of Movement

At Kinetisense, we offer the most advanced functional movement screen available today. Our system analyzes human movement across the coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes using a single sensor, making it versatile and portable. This comprehensive view of movement is crucial for understanding motor control and range of motion, enabling targeted training and treatment.

By providing clients and patients with an objective view of their motions, we empower them to collaborate with trainers and therapists to improve function, prevent injuries, and enhance the overall experience of training and rehabilitation. With our 3D functional movement screen, trainers and practitioners transition from motion theorists to motion scientists, gaining deeper insights into human motion

A New Revenue Generator

Imagine having the ability to provide functional movement screen assessment for a sports team or a group of athletes at a gym. KAMS will allow you to expand the walls of your clinic or training facility and engage new patients and clients from your community.

Many Kinetisense practitioners and trainers have dramatically increased their billings and income by employing KAMS in their clinic, training facility, and community-based assessments.  Range of motion measurements and analysis using KAMS are typically covered expenses by most major insurance carriers.

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