Single Leg Hop

Prevent ACL injuries in one hop

A Versatile Tool That Enables Advanced Movement Assessment in Athletics and Therapy-Based Rehabilitation

Our proprietary technology offers a new approach to functional movement.

Single Leg Hop

Kinetisense has developed an injury detection system to assess the risk of an ACL injury. This markerless technology is cost-effective, accurate and portable, analyzing the jumping and landing mechanics to gain valuable insight of the individual in their activities of daily life, work related activities and sport. The advanced 3D joint tracking system calculates the degree and rate of valgus collapse as well as the jump force output. This objective data provides the opportunity to measure client fatigue, compensatory loading and landing patterns as well as progressions or regressions over time using trend data.

In the United States alone statistics have proven more than 200,000 individuals per year injure their ACL, of which 70% of cases are non-contact injuries.

Benefits of the Single Leg Hop Assessment

1. Prevent ACL injuries

Studies have proved that a greater than 10% power discrepancy between the right and left leg increases the individuals susceptibility of injury by 50%. Identify the risk and areas of concern with confidence as the kinetic chain is captured in all three planes. Compare the objective data as it detects asymmetries and gain insight on the compensatory biomechanics of an individual.

2. Assess fatigue

Perform multiple jumps in one recording to asses fatigue. Over time progressions and regressions can be tracked as you test and re-test in the Single Leg Hop Module.

3. Customize ACL strengthening programs

Play back the recorded jump in slow motion and capture data at the take off and landing mechanics of the individual. As the area of dysfunction is clear and a greater than 10% power discrepancy is confirmed, a customized program can target specific accommodations. Pre and post testing of the single leg hop can be tested after a strengthening program is implemented.

4. Motivate Clients 

When practitioners show patients the data captured, patient retention occurs and they are more likely to stay motivated and engaged in the course of treatment. Kinetisense automatically generates reports with the raw data collected making it easy to educate and motivate clients.

The escalating number of participants in youth sports proposes an increase in non-contact ACL injury rates.


Planes of movement
Coronal, Sagittal, and Transverse

In addition to the versatility, portability, and affordability of Kinetisense technology, our reporting and data tracking tools are second to none. With automatic reporting, it’s easy to analyze results and even incorporate them into electronic medical records for future use.

When trainers and therapists can compare improvements over time with 100 point scoring, they are able to adjust training programs and rehab protocols to best serve the health and progress of their patients and clients.

Trend data is key to better outcomes, and no other system offers such a comprehensive functional analysis of improvement or regression tracked throughout multiple sessions.

Set Yourself Apart

Patients and clients want to see the changes that are made over the course or movement rehab or performance enhancement training. The Kinetisense technology can be leveraged to earn new clients in a variety of ways from assessing the community and driving more new patients and clients to your facility, or by adding new billables by incorporating 3D motion analysis to your protocols.

Set up Kinetisense in your front office so visitors can see for themselves the technology working in real time. The waiting room doesn’t have to simply be for waiting. Patients can experiment with their motion and see their bodies function in ways they could never see on their own. Set up the system in your functional movement space, or even in the treatment room. In a training facility or gym, leverage the technology to promote more personal training sessions. Patients and athletes who see you use cutting-edge technology like Kinetisense will be tempted to come back for more.

Because our system is so affordable and easy to set up, it can be used in a variety of settings that most other systems wouldn’t allow. Click below to schedule a demo

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