Kinetisense for Occupational Therapists

Empower Progress, Elevate Outcomes

Revolutionize Occupational Therapy with 3D Motion Capture

In occupational therapy, progress is paramount. You aim to empower patients to reach their full potential, yet traditional methods often lack objectivity. 

Enter Kinetisense, a transformative solution equipped with advanced 3D motion capture technology to revolutionize your practice.

Increase Per-Client Revenue

Beyond Subjectivity

Increase Client Retention Rates

Embrace Objective Data




Kinetisense is the leader in the industry.


Kinetisense is available in over 11 languages.


Kinetisense leads global 3D assessment.

Kinetisense transcends subjective assessments.

Our innovative system delivers precise 3D data on movement patterns, enabling you to:

Craft Personalized Interventions: Gain deeper insights into individual needs, guiding the creation of targeted treatment plans.

Enhance Patient Education: Visually showcase progress with real-time data, fostering patient engagement and ownership in their recovery journey.

Track Progress Objectively: Monitor improvement with quantifiable data, facilitating informed adjustments to treatment plans for faster, more effective results.

Elevate Your Practice and Achieve Remarkable Outcomes

Kinetisense empowers you to elevate your practice in several key areas

New Client Enrollment

Attract New Patients: Demonstrate your commitment to cutting-edge, data-driven therapy, positioning your practice as a leader in the field.

Increase Per-Client Revenue

Improve Documentation and Billing: Justify interventions with objective data, streamlining documentation and potentially maximizing reimbursements.

Increase Client Retention Rates

Increase Patient Engagement and Adherence: Motivate patients with clear progress visualization, fostering better adherence to treatment plans and overall improved outcomes. 

Increase Client Retention Rates

Kinetisense is More Than Technology, It’s a Partnership 

We understand the complexities of occupational therapy and the ongoing need for innovation. Kinetisense is more than just a tool; it’s a partnership dedicated to your success. We provide the tools and support necessary to elevate your practice and empower your patients to achieve remarkable results.

Unlock the Full Potential of Kinetisense

Ready to revolutionize patient care and elevate your practice?

Contact us today and discover the full potential of Kinetisense in your occupational therapy practice. Let’s revolutionize patient care together.

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