Our Mission

Making movement science more accurate, affordable, and accessible

What Makes Kinetisense Different

Kinetisense provides cutting-edge markerless motion capture technology that enables practitioners and trainers to take their services to the next level. Our team of movement scientists has a diverse range of expertise that powers a functional movement system driven by hardware and software.

We are a world leader in patented movement science technology. No other solution is as easy to set up or use as Kinetisense, allowing trainers, practitioners, and users of all kinds to become movement scientists themselves.

Kinetisense offers a toolbox of functional assessments, including 3D posture analysis, 3D range of motion, and more.

“If you want to make sure that your clients or patients are moving well, you need this as your screening system. It is the future of screening.”

Paul Britt, RKCSenior RKC Trainer and Chiropractic StudentParker University

Our real-time, video-based system enables practitioners and trainers to eliminate the guesswork that’s often involved in movement assessments.

Our holistic approach to body motion analysis provides the most objective, comprehensive look at the functional movement patterns of any subject. Trend data is assembled into charts and graphs and combined with our automatic reporting to help patients and athletes reach their desired outcomes.

Kinetisense is committed to helping practitioners, trainers, and users of all kinds better understand the movements of the human body.

The Kinetisense Team

Our team of movement scientists is dedicated to developing and improving Kinetisense technology to provide the most accurate and affordable functional movement system available today.

Markerless Motion Capture System

Kinetisense helps medical and fitness professionals make sense out of motion. We use markerless motion capture software with a proprietary interface that permits professionals to objectively understand their patients’ and clients’ movements without the complicated setup involving the wearables or multiple sensors that marker-based systems need.

Track and Treat Pain – There is often guesswork involved with movement assessments, but Kinetisense takes that away from both the professional conducting the assessment and the subject themselves. Our system includes cloud-based, automatic reporting that allows professionals to track the recovery process.

Reduce the Risk of Injury – Whether a trainer is using Kinetisense to form a training plan for their clients with better periodization or a therapist is assessing an elderly patient’s risk of fall, Kinetisense provides key insights that were never possible before.

Analyze, Correct, and Improve Biomechanics – With real-time, video-based biofeedback, users and practitioners can objectively see how the body moves. CrossFit athletes may use Kinetisense to learn to lift, whereas office workers could learn how to sit, stand, or move properly to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Improved Assessment
Improved Outcomes
An Ecosystem of Movement
Objectivity in Seconds

Countless applications transform users from movement theorists into movement scientists.

The applications for Kinetisense are virtually limitless. Range of motion analysis, for example, can be used across industries, from workplace wellness and safety to fitness. Never before has there been a system that offers such an objective, comprehensive functional assessment from a single sensor.

With affordability, efficiency, and portability, Kinetisense is the bridge across disciplines in the biomechanical movement ecosystem. Professionals in athletics, fitness, therapy, research, and beyond can all leverage Kinetisense to refine and improve their techniques, knowledge, and outcomes.


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