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The 5$ Method

  • Average 10 patients per day
  • 70 patients per week
  • $5 upcharge per patient
  • $250 per week
  • $1,000 per month

The KAMS Method

  • 3 KAMS assessments per week
  • $100 per assessment
  • $300 per week
  • $1,200 per month

Concussion Baseline

  • Posture
  • Balance – Both Feet Together
  • Balance Tandem
  • Balance Single Leg

Mass Screening Events

  • 1 Mass screening event
  • Target local clubs and schools with a minimum of 100 participants
  • $40.00 per concussion baseline screen
  • $4,000 per one event

6 Week Trial Details

Establish regular ad-hoc and formal communication no less than weekly.

Offer every patient 3D motion capture as part of their treatment. Only used if there is a minimum $5 upcharge in the treatment.

Every athlete is offered KAMS functional movement screening (stand-alone booking, could charge anywhere from $60-$90 per screen).

Weekly milestone reviews and reports
a. Project status
b. Billing / ROI status
c. Blockers and Issues
d. Learnings

• $286.15 AUD per month, 24-month contract

2 year monthly $399.00 (15% off, code R2P15) OR $2,500 annual license

CPT codes

Section 41 tax credit

Diamond Modules




Clinical GAIT


Single-Leg Hop


Overhead Squat

Posture Angel

Vertical Jump

Reverse Lunge

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