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Evidence-Based Movement

At Kinetisense, we believe in an evidence-based approach to patient care, athletic performance, and injury prevention. Biofeedback resources like objective analysis, automatic reporting, and 3D planar data leave all users better equipped to achieve results.

Kinetisense technology turns all users into movement scientists, allowing them to visualize movements in a way that was never before possible with such a simple setup. Kinetisense combines markerless motion capture a single-sensor setup to make the easiest to use and most affordable movement screen available today.

  • Objective Analysis

  • Automatic Reporting

  • 3D Planar Data

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A Kinetisense Resource for Every Industry


Kinetisense enhances healthcare outcomes through a combination of objective assessment tools and a simple to set up single-sensor system. With automatic reporting and a system that eliminates the guesswork, practitioners can better target treatments for their patients to more readily meet therapeutic goals.


A gym where patrons can work with trainers to analyze their movements to enhance each workout. Trainers can transform themselves into movement scientists. The 3D Functional Movement module, for example, helps trainers teach their clients how to correctly move.

The Workplace

Productivity in the workplace begins with worker health. One way for employers to keep their workers healthy is to help them move correctly while doing the job. Whether workers are sitting at a desk or lifting boxes, proper posture and movement are critical.


The specific movements in CrossFit can be perfected during training with the use of Kinetisense and our KAMS X module. Due to the intense competition among CrossFit athletes and gyms, Kinetisense proves to be an essential component.


The applications for Kinetisense in sports range from the increased performance to safety. Kinetisense’s fast assessments allow coaches to test their entire team and make corrections where necessary. Additionally, our 3D balance module allows for concussion baseline testing so that each athlete can keep their health in mind and adjust training as needed.

Education and Research

Objective tools are critical for research applications of any kind. Research involving human movement is no different. Kinetisense is the only functional movement screen on the market that uses a single sensor to accurately measure movement across all three planes of movement: coronal, sagittal, and transverse.

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