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Explore how Kinetisense technology makes a difference for patients, trainers, and researchers

White Papers and Additional Learning Texts

construction worker bending

Balance and Fall Risk Assessment

Animation From Observation

woman poor posture office chair

Influence of Lumbar and Hip Mobility

Measuring Human Movement for Biomechanics

Video Library

KAMSX and FPM 5.0

Check out KAMS X with FPM 5.0. Specially designed for CrossFit.

ROM 5.0 Guide

A quick picture of our 3D Range of Motion module.

Balance Walk Through

A short video showing the 3D balance module.

Functional Planar Mapping

The Functional Planar Mapping tool (FPM) takes all of the data from KAMS (Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen).

NEW Kinetisense 5.0

Check out this highlight video showing some of the improvements in Kinetisense 5.0.

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