ShapeKAMS & Winning Your New Year?s Resolution


You can change anything you want at any time, sure. But a new calendar year is a great opportunity to make some major changes to your life.

Kinetisense and ShapeKAMS Are the Body Assessment Tools You Need To Assess Your New Years Resolution Progress

The main resolutions people make around this time of year are health related, and Kinetisense and ShapeKAMS are the body assessment tools you need to measure your progress, adjust your training, reach your goals, and win your new year?s resolution in 2020.

It is tricky to talk to people about your new year?s resolutions. They may judge you on the strength of your convictions, question your methods, or superficially offer encouragement while really doubting you will get anywhere.?

There are good reasons for this. Studies show that less than 25% of people who make resolutions actually follow through with them. Less than 10% actually reach their goal. Some of this can be attributed to resolutions that have vague goals such as ?be a better person,? but weight loss resolutions and health-related resolutions often fail.

Our KAMS system is the world?s first patented markerless motion capture system and the world leader in single-camera 3D biomechanical analysis.

Why Do Resolutions Fail?

Burnout: Slow and steady really does win the race. This is especially true when it comes to resolutions. The common approach is to go at it hard for the first few weeks because the mentality is to get it done now?and that isn?t sustainable.?

Focusing on the wrong things: Sure you want to lose weight, but do you really know how to go about it? It’s easy to give up when the tasks seem hard or are confusing.

It isn?t fun: Exercise is hard work, and if you have done very little or none of it in the past few years, you might find it is too difficult to maintain.

Failure to act: Most resolutions are sunk by too much thinking and not enough doing. Even the best advice fails if it isn?t followed.?

No way to track progress: The number on the scale isn?t the only measure of your health. Important vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, flexibility, range of motion, and other measurements are what give you a true indication of how you?re doing.

Four Steps to Keeping Your New Year?s Resolution

Step 1: Be specific.

Your resolution should be well defined. ?I want to lose 50 pounds.? ?I want to learn how to speak Italian.? ?I want to learn to love asparagus.? ?I want to be president.? These have clear goals.

Step 2: Turn the goal into a habit.

Resolution goals don?t happen in a day. Your goals need to become a permanent part of your daily routine or they are easily and quickly forgotten.

Step 3: Stay positive.

The moment you start thinking negatively about going to the gym, going for a run, or any other lifestyle change, it is the beginning of the end. Remember your goals and be positive.

Step 4: Measure and track your progress.

Earlier we mentioned that the scale shouldn?t be the sole measurement of your progress. But how does someone measure balance, posture, range of motion, or agility? Simple?with the 3D range of motion measurement tools from ShapeKAMS.

ShapeKAMS?Make Your Fitness-Focused Resolution Measurable

The Shapewatch system now includes the Kinetisense 3D motion capture system and our reporting tools. This combines our exclusive, markerless movement monitors with proven static body scans and biometric analysis in one easy-to-use kiosk. This means you can assess balance, posture, and range of motion along with body fat percentage, lean body mass, waist?hip ratios, and body volume for a complete assessment of how well you are sticking to your resolutions.?

Kinetisense is the world?s first patented markerless motion capture system and the world leader in single-camera 3D biomechanical analysis. This technology is featured in medical research, sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation, corporate wellness, health care, and tactical analysis.?

This partnership is part of our mission to provide innovative, affordable, objective, and accurate 3D motion capture software. Our innovative technology changes the way practitioners and trainers interact with their patients and clients, and our alliance with Shapewatch?s 3D body assessment system means we can fulfill this mission through another proven platform.

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