Sports Injury Prevention for Young Athletes

Sports play an important role in developing young athletes and Kinetisense is making these activities safer.

Safer Sports With Kinetisense

There is no question that youth athletics can be essential to growing bodies. A physical lifestyle can be beneficial at any age because of the health benefits and the joy of playing a sport and being on a team. Parents want their children involved in youth sports, but they are concerned, and reasonably so, about the risk of injury. The fact is that injuries are commonplace. The good news is that the vast majority of potential injuries are preventable.

In the past, athletics and competitive sports relied on subjectivity and a coach’s opinion on how best to perform techniques. The same goes for medical practitioners assessing an athlete’s readiness to return to normal activity. The athlete will perform some movements and the trainer makes a decision that is heavily based on opinion and experience with similar injuries.

Kinetisense provides objective biomechanical analysis providing the insight necessary to drive targeted training and help practitioners make more accurate decisions regarding an athlete’s ability to perform on the field without loss of performance or risk of reinjury.

This is why the Kinetisense system can be so valuable to therapists and coaches. In the span of only a few minutes, the Kinetisense system will give a comprehensive functional athletic movement analysis.

In the span of only a few minutes, the Kinetisense system will give a comprehensive functional athletic movement analysis.

Avoiding Sports Injury Starts With Knowledge

The more you know about how an athlete moves directly translates to a better chance of avoiding a major injury down the road. This includes having a medical history of injury. Previous injuries to a muscle or joint can turn into a chronic problem for athletes. This is especially so if the methods used to rehab that injury are incorrect or incomplete.

Kinetisense can pinpoint these areas and give practitioners an idea of how the injury is healing over time. This gives a more complete picture of how the athlete is progressing, which means better, more subjective decisions can be made about when they are ready to return to normal activity.

Kinetisense Is the Premier Real-Time Video Analysis Tool

Our advanced movement screening tool was developed as an improvement to wearable sensor technology. Through cutting edge analytics and a state of the art camera system, the KAMS system can measure an athlete’s movements across three planes.

Other benefits of the Kinetisense system include:

Real-time Biofeedback: The KAMS module analyzes 12 evidence-based movements in three minutes or less to provide thorough, objective assessments of an athlete’s tri-planar motor control and flexibility. These assessments make it easy to see where movement requires correction.

One-Click Reporting: Our reporting tools allow you to see results instantly. This allows you and the patient to quickly identify areas for improvement. Also, the KAMS system automatically generates reports that allow you to track progress over time.

Markerless Joint Recognition: One of the main issues with earlier methods of motion analysis is that they required the use of bulky wearable sensors. This made transitioning from one patient to another a time-consuming process. Kinetisense requires only a camera, a computer, and an open area for exercise. No wearable technology or special backdrops. An assessment can be done in a clinic or on the playing field.

Kinetisense Is for All Athletes

By helping ensure kids are practicing their chosen sport safely, we encourage a healthy commitment to competition. From reducing the risk of injuries to concussion baseline and reassessment, the data we capture is essential to keeping young athletes healthy now and in the future. With affordability, efficiency, and portability, Kinetisense is the bridge across disciplines in the biomechanical movement ecosystem. Professionals in athletics, fitness, therapy, research, and beyond can all leverage Kinetisense to refine and improve their techniques, knowledge, and outcomes.

This is why we offer free demonstrations of the Kinetisense system for athletic directors, trainers, coaches, and even parents. Contact us today for more information, or to set up an appointment for a free demo.