Ultimate Learning Pro Advanced

Course Description

Already conquered the basics of Ultimate Learning Pro? Want to learn more and get more done? This course is the follow-up to “Ultimate Learning Pro Basics” and it will show you how to further set up your LMS.

If this is your first time using a LMS (Learning Management System) plugin, this course brings additional knowledge to what you have learned from the first course.

What will you learn?

  1. By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of ULP;
  2. You will know how to extend the plugin functionality by using magic features;

Target Audience:

  1. Users that want to create an online learning system;
  2. Developers which want to contribute to ULP;
  3. Users that want to become an instructor in a LMS;

Course Breakdown

This course is made of one section with two lessons which will cover payment services and notifications.

These are followed up by two quizzes which will test your knowledge about ULP.

Good luck!

Ultimate Learning Pro Basics

Thank you for purchasing Ultimate Learning Pro, this course is here to help you with the basics and also serves as an example of how a course is made.

This section here is the course description, use it to describe your course as best as you can so that your users get an idea if they should buy it or not.

If this is your first time using a LMS (Learning Management System) plugin, you can follow this course to get a basic idea of how it works. A course is a collection of Lessons and Quizzes grouped together in Sections. A quiz is a collection of questions.

This course is made of two sections, the first one has three lessons which will show you how to create a question, quiz and a lesson. The second section will teach you how to group them together and follow up with a short quiz.

Good luck!