Why We Do Functional Movement Assessments

The Kinetisense system is the latest tool that practitioners can use to assess a patient?s susceptibility to injury, help an athlete unlock their inherent potential, and help people recovering from an injury or a medical condition lead a normal life.

Why Would a Patient Need a Functional Movement Assessment?

The ability to move is one of the most basic elements of human experience. It allows us to interact with our environment, it enables us to communicate, and it gives us the ability to move from place to place. A patient that is faced with a limitation to their mobility or want to enhance their athletic performance is someone that is looking for answers. These questions are what a functional movement assessment seeks to answer.

Assess Susceptibility To Injury

Injury risk is something that concerns athletes every day, this is common when an athlete pushes his or her body to the breaking point. Injury prevention and risk assessment in sports medicine have come a long way in the past few years and the Kinetisense system is an example of how practitioners are turning to objective evidence when assessing injury risk.?

Our technology is movement-based, and provides a baseline for trainers, coaches, and the athletes themselves to conduct objective, clinical assessments simply and affordably. The analysis provided by our system is so accurate, practitioners can use the results to adjust training or rehabilitation to suit the exact need of the athlete. This kind of exact treatment planning was unknown in the past as diagnoses were based on subjective ?eyeballing? and guesswork.

Enhance Performance

Kinetisense is technology for athletes at all levels. It is a professional-grade functional movement assessment tool that can identify dysfunctional movement patterns, assess the quality of movement, and highlight areas where movement systems can be enhanced through training.?

Our tool engages athlete and practitioner alike and begins a discussion about where even small changes to routines can lead to huge payoffs at the end. Our tool engages and motivates the athlete in a way that is unparalleled to any other system. Athletes can objectively see how efficiently and effectively their body is moving and will be better equipped to meet training targets.

Return To Normal Activity

Someone that is injured or is facing a medical condition that will seriously affect how they move is facing an entirely new world. What was simple or even fun to do in the past is now seemingly impossible. What physical and occupational therapy aims to do is bring back some, if not all of that functionality.? While a patient may physically be able to accomplish a task, the Kinetisense system takes this to the next level by providing measurable, objective data patients can use to visually see what it will take to accomplish their mobility goals whether they be pain-free function or a return to normal activity.

One of the most difficult decisions a physician has to make is how functional a patient is after an injury and what activities they can safely resume.

What Are Practitioners Looking For During An Assessment?

The Kinetisense toolbox of data-driven assessments leverages augmented reality for physicians, hospitals, clinicians, and their patients. This assists in providing a thorough diagnosis for any practitioner looking for:

  • Movement patterns that produce pain within expected ranges of movement
  • Identify areas of limited movement?
  • Find out how the body is compensating for an injury or lack of mobility?
  • Establish a baseline so that future assessments can measure progress or lack of it

Combinations of movement screening, functional performance testing, and sport-specific movement testing offer practitioners the best tools to judge the kinds of exercises a patient needs to do to return to normal movement or to assess how ready an athlete is to return to the field after they have suffered a significant injury.

Transform How You Assess Full-Body Movements With Kinetisense

Our technology is easy, affordable, portable, and has the potential to be the backbone of any physical assessment. Whether a trainer is using Kinetisense to form a training plan for their clients with better periodization or a therapist is assessing an elderly patient?s risk of fall, Kinetisense provides key insights that were never possible before. Call us today for more information.