Kinetisense Workplace

Elevate Your Workplace Wellness with Precision Data and Industry-Leading Technology.

Proven ROI Generator

Kinetisense Workplace is not just a wellness solution; it’s a strategic advantage for forward-thinking companies. With its ability to enhance wellness programs, boost revenue, and showcase your commitment to employee health and safety, it’s the tool that takes your organization to the next level. Join the movement towards proactive wellness and employee care with Kinetisense Workplace. Your team’s health and your company’s success are waiting for you.

Minimize Risk of Injury

Maintains Job Security

Save Hundreds of Thousands to Millions of Dollars

Kinetisense Workplace Modules

With these Kinetisense Workplace modules, your organization can revolutionize its approach to employee wellness, enhance its revenue streams, and showcase a commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Range of Motion





Overhead Squat

Posture Angel

Single-Leg Hop

Vertical Jump

Clinical GAIT

Customized Workflow

Heel Raise

Reverse Lunge

Correctives Engine & Patient App

The Kinetisense Patient App bridges patient-practitioner communication, offering corrective exercises and assessment insights for improved healthcare collaboration and outcomes.

A Global Phenomenon with Over 100,000 Assessments and Counting!

Boost Efficiency

Business Growth

Optimized Results

Patient Retention

Patient Retention

Number One Choice among Doctors Chiropractic Owners

Strategic Partners

At Kinetisense Workplace, we hold our strategic partners in the highest regard. Together, we are reshaping movement assessment and rehabilitation, driving innovation, and enhancing lives on a global scale. We welcome you to join us on this transformative journey to shape the future of healthcare and sports performance.

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