3D Functional Movement

Assess a subject’s ability to move effectively in just seconds

Use Kinetisense to Analyze 3D Dynamic Movement in Real Time

Our single-sensor functional movement system offers insight into particular movement patterns.

Analyze 3D Dynamic Movement in Real Time

Our single sensor provides insight into a variety of movement patterns to help you articulate the way someone moves easily with unbiased data. With this module, you can analyze many different types of movements’ from vertical leap, squat, swing, and weightlifting to gait analysis and more. The movement data is embedded in the video capture, which means that you can extract data captures from the video long after the functional assessment is completed.

Functional Movement Assessment

This module is a functional movement system that enables physical therapists and trainers alike to analyze a variety of movement patterns. Our solution allows practitioners to build customized assessments with objective data analysis for each movement they choose to analyze.

Our system facilitates the functional analysis of any front-facing position with hundreds of variations. Every human body is unique, and each body has its own mobility and stability capabilities. Analyze human movement in real time and all three planes of movement.

3D Dynamic Movement Exercises

Analyzing 3D movement in real time and through recorded video offers a better understanding of functional movement and the purpose and effectiveness of the prescriptive exercise.

Kinetisense uses real-time analysis and advanced reporting to provide insight into the characteristics of each motion and movement. With this data, practitioners and trainers can adjust treatments and training in real time. Teaching patients to move is much easier with our freestyle screen and real-time biofeedback.


Planes of Movement:
Coronal, Sagittal,
and Transverse

Set Yourself Apart

Patients and clients want to see the changes that occur over the course of movement rehab or performance-enhancement training. The Kinetisense technology can be leveraged to earn new clients in a variety of ways, whether that’s assessing the community and bringing more new patients and clients to your facility or by adding new billables by incorporating 3D motion analysis to your protocols.

Set up Kinetisense in your front office so visitors can see for themselves the technology working in real time. The waiting room doesn’t have to be for waiting. Patients can experiment with their motion and see their bodies function in ways they could never see on their own.

Put the system in your functional movement space or even in the treatment room. In a training facility or gym, leverage the technology to promote more personal training sessions. Patients and athletes who see you use cutting-edge technology like Kinetisense will be tempted to come back for more.

Because our system is so affordable and easy to set up, it can be used in a variety of settings that most other systems wouldn’t allow. Click below to schedule a demo.

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